AGV&Robot lithium battery – 48V30Ah Production line robot

AGV&Robot lithium battery – 48V30Ah Production line robot


High Performance Lithium Battery – 48V30Ah

The lithium battery – 48V30Ah is a high-performance rechargeable battery that complies with international standards and is certified by UL, CE, and UN38.3. It is a dependable and long-lasting power supply that works well with electric motorbikes, electric bicycles, and sightseeing cars with over 5000 cycles agv lithium battery manufacturer. It is the perfect option for a variety of applications because it also has a low self-discharge rate, high energy density, and quick charging.

48V30Ah (LFP)
Battery stylecommonfast charginglow temperature
Nominal voltage48V
Rated capacity30Ah
End-of-charge voltage54.75V
End-of-discharge volatage40.5 V
Standard charging current10A30A10A
Max. charging current15A60A15A
standard discharging current30A30A30A
Max. discharging current60A60A50A
Max. peak current80A80A80A
charge/discharge interface75A anderson(blue)/same port
Communication Interfaceanderson
Shell material/colorMetal/black
Work temperature rangecharge: 0T-40T discharge: -ISX-GOXcharge: 0°C-40°C discharge: -15°C-6(rccharge: 0oC-40°C discharge: -35*C-6O°C