Indoor Cabinet Lithium Battery

Indoor Cabinet Lithium Battery


Looking for an authentic indoor cabinet lithium battery system to buy cabinet lithium batteries? The Future Energy is the right place to look for! Our wholesale indoor cabinet batteries are of high quality and reasonable price. 

Leading Indoor Cabinet Lithium Battery Manufacturer

An Indoor cabinet lithium battery manufacturer is a storage solution for energy that works on the technology of a lithium-ion battery. Wholesale buyers install these lithium batteries indoors within a closed container or cabinet. 

Our bulk indoor cabinet lithium batteries are common to use as a storage option for electricity that customers can store from wind turbines and solar panels. This stored energy can further work during the off-peak hours when the electricity costs are not so high. In this way, industrial processes and large-scale commercial projects can use this extra energy when necessary. 

Features and Uses of Indoor Cabinet Lithium Battery

Cabinet lithium batteries offer a good lifespan of years, and it offers high density over other battery types. Moreover, it is an ideal option for an efficient energy storage system which works effectively within industrial, residential and commercial places. 

Your bulk customers can implement it for load shifting, provision of backup power, and checking energy management abilities. When it comes to lithium battery cabinets, these cabinets offer certified fire protection with a fire resistance of 90 minutes.

Our lithium batteries are all created on a fully automated traction battery production line by indoor cabinet lithium battery manufacturer. This accounts for their exceptional performance in terms of long life, high reliability, high temperature, and environmental friendliness.

Smartly Integrated Cabinet Lithium Batteries in China

Our lithium batteries for indoor cabinets have a unique design to function exceptionally well. They provide a consistent and uninterrupted power supply for a variety of applications. Our battery energy storage system manufacturer ensures that these batteries perform well in difficult situations. 

Whether your customers are using it for data centers, telecommunications hubs, or vital infrastructure, they provide the power required to maintain various types of operations. Also, seamless integration is essential. 

Therefore, our lithium batteries for interior cabinets consist of smart features that make it simple to integrate them into current systems. These cabinet indoors kept save lithium batteries ensure the integration of stored energy with renewable energy sources. Also, with the microgrids, building management systems goes smoothly and efficiently.

Trust Our Reliable Indoor Cabinet Lithium Battery Exporter

To guarantee firm dependability and longevity, our indoor cabinet lithium batteries are put through rigorous testing and quality control procedures. This affordable product has a proven track record of successful installations in a variety of industries!

Also, this makes them the dependable option for companies that can’t afford downtime. Hence, your wholesale business should rely on us, knowing that we provide the best for your customers. 

Our team of professionals and lithium batteries producers collaborates closely with clients to determine their power requirements. Indoor cabinet lithium battery manufacturer creates inside cabinet lithium battery solutions that support their operating objectives. 

Moreover, our commitment to providing solutions that go above and beyond expectations extends from sizing and configuration through installation and continuous support. 

Residental Storage Energy System (Indoor)
Battery typeLifePO4)
Total voltage307V409V307V
Lithium battery parameterTotal capacity50Ah50Ah100Ah
Voltage range260-345V345~460V260-345V
Mudule specification7.68KWh5 KWh7.68KWh
Max input power12KW12KW19KW
Max input voltage900V
MPPT working voltage range250~850V
PV InputMPPT Number112
Max input current121222
Max short circuit current131324
Rated power10KW10KW15KW
Rated voltage380Vac, 3L/N/PE
AC parameterRated Frequency50/60
Max input current15A15A20A
Wireless communicationWiFi
BMS CommunicationCAN
Electricity Meter CommunicationRS485
Basic parameterProtection GradeIP65
Weight225kg (approximate)250kg (approximate)350kg (approximate)